About Liquid Art .Inc

How did Liquid Art Inc. come into existence? 

In early 2011 the owner tried vaping as a way to quit smoking and was thrilled at how well it worked. At that time the few American made e-liquids were extremely hard to purchase and the rest were being imported from China. Clinton took a trip to a vape convention to sample liquids and hopefully find an e-liquid he could stick with. Unfortunately, he could not find anything that peaked his taste buds but instead walked away with basic knowledge on DIY (do it yourself eliquids) after lengthy discussions with fellow vapers and professionals within the industry.  Upon returning home he feverously started using this new-found knowledge to start making e-liquids for himself.  After many ups and downs he finally curated something that not only he enjoyed, but his friends as well.  The final rendition of the first e-liquid created was formula G2. Soon after, a hobby became a full work load and G2 Vapor LLC was formed.

 Liquid Art Inc. was later founded as the “parent company” of G2 as well as many additional e-liquid lines that Clinton had developed over the course of the first couple of years in business.

In addition to providing the best quality in e-liquids, Liquid Art Inc. has been a source of information and mentorship for new e-liquid companies.Because of this, Clinton expanded his company’s focus to include manufacturing, bottling, and distributing other brands of e-liquids. Liquid Art Inc. has an impeccable reputation for having the highest standards of bottling and customer service in the industry. This is conveyed not only in our own brands but in brands we manufacture and distribute for other companies.


Liquid Art Inc. has a strong portfolio of seven individual e-liquid brands of their own, as well as co-packing and distributing for several other major e-liquid brands.  We stay up to date and compliant with all Federal and State level regulations and requirements. Our customers can feel confident purchasing our products, knowing they do not have to do the extra legwork of verifying compliance with current regulations. We hold vapor licenses and pay taxes in six States to ease the burden on our customers. 

Liquid Art Inc. maintains all licenses and insurances required to run a legitimate business.

Through a strong work ethic and great business relationships with customers, we have had continued success since 2012. A large portion of our customers have been with us for five plus years.   We would see it as a privilege and honor to add you to our customer list that we lovingly call the liquid art family.